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iPad Screen Repair

The Apple iPad is a new favorite of Apple fans.  It has an amazing new 4x the pixels resolution on the retina display LCD.  Everybody who can afford one loves the new iPad that is why it's easy to become infuriated when and if the iPad glass screen breaks. If you own a Apple iPad and you have broken it then you need to get it fixed right away. You should consider our iPad repair tips in order to get your iPad repaired so that you do not have to part away from your beloved Apple tablet.

It seems that everyone has an iPad.  And people love them.  But no one enjoys their iPad with a broken or cracked iPad screen.  This can happen from drops or falls or carelessness - which can be remediated with a high quality and reputable iPad screen repair solution.

One of the significant features of iPad is the bright backlit screen which is produced by the sharp and clear LCD.  This was recently improved even more on the iPad 3 and then on the iPad Air models - which added 4 times the pixel density.  This also resulted in a slightly diminished battery life.  But with the high resolution that comes with the new design, iPad users can use the device for reading with very little strain on the eyes.

But that's not nearly all you can do on the iPad.  It is loaded with so many amazing features, it's hard to list them all.  Many iPad lovers take their iPads with them everywhere.  Which has also increased the number of broken iPads around the world too.  Hence, the need for a developing industry of iPad Screen Repair.

There are also some cool new innovations in the industry coming.  Looking at DigiPro regarding new iPad innovations may provoke some interest in forthcoming devices.

The regular iPad AppleCare warranty covers one year of iPad hardware repair.  In addition it includes ninety days of over the phone support help.  However, AppleCare will not cover accidental damage unless you upgrade to AppleCare+.  This 2 year extended service will give you accidental damage support too -- for a $49 "incident fee" each time you break your glass.

Once the 2 years expires, you will no longer have AppleCare standard iPad repair coverage.  At this point, if you break your iPad screen you will need to find a great 3rd party iPad repair option.  You will find many companies competing for this business.  A quick Google search will show you this.

I Googled "iPad Repair" and found several good options.  I selected a California based iPad repair service to do my screen repair.  I loved that they used only the best quality iPad replacement parts.  I also liked the free shipping option.  But most of all, I loved their online reputation  Their existing customers just loved them!

Now I love them too.  I will use this company for all my future repairs.  But truth be told, I have a new case now and I hope I never need their services again!

iPad Screen Repair


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